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Sharleen Maglione

Lifestyle & Portraits


Everyone has a beautiful story to tell, and I am here to portray yours.


If you are searching for a photographer who will help you to obtain outstanding photos,  

if you want to preserve beautiful memories of your special days and steps of your journey,

if you want pictures to express yourself, your passions, your work, your world,

 I got you covered.

For all the milestone moments, for fun or for business, for love and for art, 

I will be dedicated to your project with heart and soul

counseling and planning with you before the photosession.

In all my portrait sessions,

I will guide you to obtain the poses we visioned, or I will follow your vibes for catching candid shots.

I will catch all those special moments and details,

and I will deliver to you a gallery vibrant with life

in the style you dreamed of:

rich in colors or soft with hearty tones, 

timeless or with vintage vibes, accordingly to what suits your spirit.

Let's dive into it!

Click on one of the main photography categories that match your interest

to look up my portfolio and the options available:

 I aim to capture a moment in time
and give it to you in the form of a timeless memory.
As a photographer with experience in many kinds of photography,
I look forward to hearing about the photosession you need
and starting the creative process, from counseling and planning with you,
to the delivery of your edited gallery.


I believe that any session is unique and tailored to you,
and that the editing should match your vibes
so I do not limit my galleries to a standard editing with presets;
I cure every detail and I can space from Bold&Vibrant colors to Cinematic&Vintage looks,
hearing your preferences and expectations. Let me know what is your idea of a perfect gallery
and I will work toward that with you!